Stay Ahead is the only one-stop solution available specifically for real estate agents' digital and social media providing an affordable path to dominate their digital space and be the envy of every agent in their market. 

Creg McDonald is the founder of Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing. Stay Ahead was founded out of necessity. As a successful team leader and broker of The McDonald Group Real Estate Company, Creg began seeing diminishing results from marketing techniques that had served him exceptionally well. Creg understood the shift taking place and designed a path for his business to continue to thrive in the new digital and social media world while saving significant money in the process. 

Creg was fortunate that his company was located in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. He had many clients and friends that worked at the University of Illinois and became involved with a research group in the Gies School of Business. Over two years, research was done, developing a precise marketing plan on transforming his marketing to a new digital world and executing what analysis indicated the public wanted to hear, where, and how they wanted to listen to it.

What transpired was the combination of professional marketers working with professional, high functioning real estate agents designing what research revealed the most optimum way to engage new and past clients in today's ever changing world. Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing was born.