Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing
Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing

About Us
We are just like YOU. We are high producing real estate agents who have no idea how to produce, create or manage the ever changing world of social media. We spent over two years looking for a solution to our social media marketing needs and finally realized that such a thing did not exist.

Our research made it even more evident that we really knew very little about big time marketing. As agents, we have tried a lot of services over the years and none of them solved our core marketing problems. Not to mention, we were tired of being sold to and not getting any results for our efforts.

  • We knew we were not social media experts
  • We knew we didn’t have the time to learn all of the social media platforms, and
  • We couldn’t figure out how to use social media to get more leads

We finally stopped looking when we realized there was no ALL IN ONE Solution out there. To be honest, we really just wanted it all done for us. We wanted it ALL – videos, content creation, consistent posting on all social platforms. We wanted all of the bells and whistles of big-time marketing but had no options AND no clue how to get us there. So, we decided to do it ourselves. 

We decided if we were going to do this, we would need a team of experts in online marketing to help us. So, we hired top talent in the marketing industry to help us achieve our vision. We combined over 50 years of real estate experience with a team of premier marketing experts!

Finally, you will be able to STAY AHEAD of the competition with our DONE FOR YOU Solution – at a fraction of the cost!

Creg McDonald

Creg McDonald is the founder of STAY AHEAD Marketing. Creg has been a chronic entrepreneur his entire career. Creg’s thirty year career has been focused on both business and real estate development. In 2009 the McDonald Group Real Estate company was started. During the last 8 years, his company has grown to the number one team in Champaign-Urbana selling over sixty million in real estate annually and over 275 homes yearly.

Creg has focused and obsessed himself in the development of this business. Joining many coaching programs and doing independent studies through the University of Illinois Business Consulting department, Creg has developed a deep understanding of the needs of consumers, what each consumer is worth and the best ways to reach and connect with said consumers.

In developing a call center for real estate agents, growing a successful team and researching of the consumer has lead Creg to this position of need in STAY AHEAD Marketing.