Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing
Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing

About Us
Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing was founded by a high-producing real estate agent  

who understands how important digital marketing is for this industry.  
With so many spending more time than ever online, and specifically, on social media, 
these channels have become absolute necessities for real estate agents.   
Quality, effective social media content takes time.   
Time to produce: messages, images, videos  
Time to learn the platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube  
Time to understand: social media strategy, personal branding, local focus  
Stay Ahead added top talent from the digital marketing world to a group of successful 
real estate agents to create a super-focused team ready to take your real estate business 
to a new level!  
Stay Ahead can help your social media marketing efforts in many ways. By supplying 
multiple pieces of daily content designed to attract new clients and keep your sphere 
connected, by managing all of your social and digital media, and by creating local, 
personalized content and videos, partnering with Stay Ahead Real Estate Marketing 
will help you Stay Ahead of your competition!   

Creg McDonald

Creg McDonald is the founder of STAY AHEAD Marketing. Creg has been a chronic entrepreneur his entire career. Creg’s thirty year career has been focused on both business and real estate development. In 2009 the McDonald Group Real Estate company was started. During the last 8 years, his company has grown to the number one team in Champaign-Urbana selling over sixty million in real estate annually and over 275 homes yearly.

Creg has focused and obsessed himself in the development of this business. Joining many coaching programs and doing independent studies through the University of Illinois Business Consulting department, Creg has developed a deep understanding of the needs of consumers, what each consumer is worth and the best ways to reach and connect with said consumers.

In developing a call center for real estate agents, growing a successful team and researching of the consumer has lead Creg to this position of need in STAY AHEAD Marketing.